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The 1928 Bucks County Intelligencer Obituary Index.

For the full obituary please E-mail me with the name of deceased and the date of issue. Please limit requests to no more than 2 at a time, Larry Hillpot

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Date of Issue Name of Deceased Age Date of Death Obituary
6/14/1928 12:00:00 AM Slack, Lillian M. 51 6/12/1928 Lillian M. Slack, aged 51 wife of Edward J. Slack, died at her home near New Hope on Tuesday, June 12.
12/27/1928 12:00:00 AM Slack, Mrs. Caroline S. L. 78 12/19/1928 Mrs. Caroline S. L. Slack, widow of James M. Slack and a daughter of the late James Justus K. and Mary Boileau Long, died at her home in Forrest Grove about 9 o
5/3/1928 12:00:00 AM Slack, Mrs. Florence H. 72 4/27/1928 Mrs. Florence H. Slack, aged 72, widow of Jessie B. Slack, died at the home of her son-in-law, Harry R. Solliday, Trenton, N. J., on Friday, April 27. She is su
7/19/1928 12:00:00 AM Slater, Mrs. Mary n/a 7/16/1928 After a few days' illness and following an operation performed at the Hahnemann Hospital, Phila., Mrs. Mary Slater, widow of William Slater, Bristol, died at th
7/5/1928 12:00:00 AM Slingloff, Harvey 44 6/30/1928 Harvey E. Slingloff died at his home in Lansdale on Saturday evening, June 30. Death was caused by a paralytic stroke. He was 44 years old. He was unmarried, ha
6/28/1928 12:00:00 AM Sloyer, William 51 6/18/1928 William Sloyer, aged 51 years, of 44 North Union street, Easton, died Monday evening, June 18, at Dr. Betts' Hospital, of paralysis. April 15, while Mr. Sloyer
5/3/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Charles E. 69 4/26/1928 Charles E. Smith, aged 69, who for 16 years was a familiar figure in the Bristol vicinity died at his home Thursday morning, April 26. Ella L. Jones Smith, wif
4/26/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Charles W. n/a 4/22/1928 Charles W. Smith, a native of Wrightstown township, died Sunday night, April 22, at his home 1452 Detroit st., Denver, Colorado. Mr. Smith leaves a widow who w
2/9/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Edwin E. 44 Sunday Edwin E. Smith, 44, of Almont, died Sunday from pneumonia after a brief illness. The deceased had been a clerk in O. M. Nace’s store, Sellersville for several y
5/17/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Emma Linton 83 n/a Emma Linton Smith, who died of heart disease in Warren, was buried in the family lot in Newtown Cemetery. The daughter of the late Edward and Elizabeth Lloyd L
12/13/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Hannah, M. 95 12/6/1928 After an exceptionally long life of nearly 96 years, Hannah M., widow of Edward H. Smith, died at her home in Newtown, Thursday, Dec. 6. Mrs. Smith had been ver
6/14/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Jules V. 45 6/12/1928 Mrs. Jules V. Smith, aged 45 years, wife of Jesse L. Smith, died at her home on the Old York Road, Lahaska, on Tuesday, June 12, after a short illness. Mrs. Smi
8/23/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Mrs. Catharine 78 8/20/1928 Mrs. Catharine Smith, widow of Harry J. Smith, formerly of Lansdale, died early Monday, Aug. 20, at Highland Park, near Sellersville, after a short illness. She
7/19/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Mrs. Juliet G. 85 7/8/1928 Mrs. Juliet G. Smith, "Stone Cottage," New Hope, died very suddenly of a heart attack, on Sunday, July 8. Funeral services were held Tuesday and the body was se
7/5/1928 12:00:00 AM Smith, Mrs. Susanna n/a 6/28/1928 Mrs. Susanna Smith, wife of Lewis A. Smith, was claimed by death Thursday, June 28, at her home, 608 Clymer street, Bristol. The deceased is survived by husband
3/8/1928 12:00:00 AM Snyder, Mrs. Mary 57 3/3/1928 Mrs. Mary Snyder, wife of I. Meredith Snyder, North Wales, died in Montgomery Hospital, Norristown, Saturday afternoon, March 3, where she had been taken for an
11/1/1928 12:00:00 AM Snyder, Mrs. William F. 70 10/27/1928 Mrs. Elizabeth Snyder, wife of William F. Snyder, died Saturday, morning, Oct. 27, at her home at Hughesville, after an illness of over a year from paralysis an
12/6/1928 12:00:00 AM Snyder, Warren B. 71 n/a Warren B. Snyder, a former resident of Quakertown, died in Phila., at the age of 71 years. His wife died 10 years ago. He is survived by three daughters and two
3/29/1928 12:00:00 AM Snyder, Wesley 45 3/20/19 Wesley Snyder, forty-five years old, formerly of Line Lexington, died at Black Rock, Montgomery County on Tuesday, March 20. He is survived by two sisters, Miss
8/23/1928 12:00:00 AM Sober, Mrs. Emma n/a Monday Mrs. Emma Sober, Phila., came to visit her brother, John Heins, Lower Richland, on Friday afternoon, enjoyed good health and ate heartily. Monday morning she ar
5/3/1928 12:00:00 AM Sommers, Miss Emma J. 82 4/27/1928 Miss Emma J. Sommers passed away Friday, April 27, at the home of ____ Louise Holmquist, River Road, New Hope, and was taken to New York for treatment. Miss Som
6/21/1928 12:00:00 AM Souder, Enos 70 6/11/1928 Enos Souder, seventy years old, Lansdale, one of the surviving charter members of Trinity Lutheran church, died at his home, Monday afternoon, June 11, after a
8/2/1928 12:00:00 AM Spezzano, Anna 3 7/25/1928 Anna May Spezzano, the three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spezzano, Bristol, died at the home of her parents, Wednesday, July 25. The tot had been il
12/27/1928 12:00:00 AM Spezzano, Mrs. Frank n/a 12/21/1928 Death Friday, Dec. 21, claimed Mrs. Frank Spezzano, wife of Councilman Frank Spezzano, Bristol. The deceased had been ill for the past ten days with pleural-pn
4/26/1928 12:00:00 AM Spiess, Charles A. 64 4/18/1928 Charles A. Spiess, a blacksmith, for thirty years a resident of Lederach, died on Wednesday, April 18, after being ill for more than a year. He was sixty-four y